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Packaging Machinery

ARPAC is a leading global packaging equipment manufacturer. We design, build and service a wide range of packaging equipment from shrink wrappers and case erectors to complete integrated packaging solutions, for a variety of applications. While our systems are found in-service worldwide, all ARPAC machinery is manufactured, serviced and supported in the USA.

We offer many base models for each machinery type, but also have deep experience in customization for individual units and systems. With 30,000 machine installations worldwide, ARPAC is well-versed in building packaging solutions to suit customers’ needs. We often leverage this experience to integrate packaging equipment from ARPAC and other manufacturers, developing complete packaging solutions for our clientele.

Further, ARPAC has one of the fastest order-to-shipment delivery times in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Our continual investment in our vertically integrated facility, coupled with solid lean manufacturing principles, give us a competitive production advantage. ARPAC maintains stock of many standard packaging machines at competitive prices for quick delivery. With one of the broadest lines of packaging equipment in the industry, we can provide multiple solutions to your packaging challenges and ensure you find the best fit possible.

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Integrated Packaging Systems

OEM Integration

To better serve the needs of our customers, ARPAC offers custom engineered, fully integrated systems. Integration projects can range from a few strategically matched machines to complex systems incorporating equipment from multiple OEM sources.

ARPAC’s wide product offering is unmatched in the industry! Our highly experienced technical staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities make us an ideal partner for your next integration project!
ARBOT Series


We are experts in the palletizing industry, including conventional palletizers and robotic palletizers. If you need automatic bag palletizers, drum palletizers or a carton palletizer, ARPAC can increase your productivity with one of our high or low infeed bag palletizer or high or low infeed carton palletizer systems. The best and most flexible innovator in the industry, ARPAC will customize the system to your needs, from concept to commissioning.
Shrink Bundlers

Shrink Bundling/Multipacking

ARPAC's shrink bundlers provide a cost-effective packaging solution, reducing overhead cost while increasing marketability. Shrink film is not only cheaper than traditional packaging methods; it protects your product from damage and displays it to consumers through the package. In addition, print registered film allows you to print your marketing message on the film itself, further promoting your brand.

ARPAC's horizontal shrink wrappers are built for versatility, designed to handle nearly anything on retail shelves. These machines can handle a wide range of product sizes - even at the same time - and are ideal for short or extended production runs.
Intermittent Motion Wrap-Around Tray Packer/Case Packer (ARPAC DPM-2000)

Case/Tray Packing

ARPAC's line of tray and case packaging machinery is ideal for virtually any industry, and capable of packing a wide range of products. Designed and built on-site, these machines conserve as much material as possible to reduce packaging waste while saving you money. Due to the customized nature of the product, they can be integrated into any production line.
Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch Wrapping

ARPAC's line of highly customizable stretch wrappers can wrap practically anything, making them ideal for the shipment process. These machines can wrap both stable and unstable pallet loads in a variety of sizes, handle all standard stretch film widths, support loads from 3,000 lbs. to unlimited weight, and even combine wrapping and weighing into one operation.
Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnels


Our shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements to create a recirculating air system that forces air to all package surfaces. Independant control systems regulate temperature, air velocity and conveyor speeds The efficient heating system on each machine reduces the amount of electricity needed to run the machine, consequently reducing operating costs.
10855SS High Speed Food Slicer

High Speed Food Slicer

You simply cannot find a simpler system for fast and continuous slicing.

1085SS Slicer is ideal for slicing a wide variety of foods. Besides the sanitation, the slicer also provides ease of use, low maintenance and high output. The 1085SS affords less downtime, while providing increased production and more salable slices. This increases profits, making the slicer inexpensive to operate and maintain.