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Shrink Bundling/Multipacking

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Shrink Bundlers

Shrink Bundlers


ARPAC offers an extensive line of standard and custom-designed shrink packaging machinery. Not only is shrink wrapping less expensive than other methods, it improves a product’s marketability and protects it from harmful conditions. Clear film allows customers to see your product through the package, and your marketing message can be printed on the outside for additional brand exposure. Utilizing various wrapping and sealing methods, ARPAC’s shrink bundlers utilize a variety of wrapping and sealing methods, and can reach speeds of up to 120 bundles per minute. Designed to shrink wrap various supported and unsupported products, many of ARPAC's shrink wrappers can ship in as little as two weeks from the order date.
Continuous Motion Bottom Overlap Shrink Wrapping System (BRANDPAC™ BPMP-5100)

Print Registered Multipackers


Print registered film provides an attractive forum to billboard your brand and merchandise your product at a fraction of the cost of paperboard packaging.

The BRANDPAC® shrink wrapping machines create unsupported and pad or tray supported multipacks using a single roll of print registered polyethylene film. These shrink wrappers ensure accurate placement of graphics on each package with a bull’s-eye enclosure. These versatile systems handle multiple product sizes and package configurations, on demand, at speeds up to 80 bundles or 45 trays per minute depending upon product specifications.

An integrated hot plate or bottom air flow shrink tunnel creates an attractive finished product with minimal ...
Horizontal Shrink Wrappers

Horizontal Shrink Wrappers


Capable of speeds up to 120 packages per minute, our horizontal wrappers are designed for a variety of products. Utilizing either a bottom lap seal or side seal, ARPAC's horizontal wrappers are ideal for short or extended production runs, produce packages for retail displays and wrap products from roofing shingles to light bulbs.

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Flighted / Lug Infeed (FLIGHTED)

'Quick-Connect' Modular Infeeds


ARPAC's Quick-Connect infeeds are a cost effective solution for operations that handle a variety of packaging applications. These modular infeed conveyors are completely interchangeable with all ARPAC horizontal shrink wrappers giving you the flexibility of running multiple products on one system.

Quick-Connect infeeds are automatically recognized by ARPAC shrink wrappers. All machine programs and parameters are automatically adjusted when Quick-Connect infeeds are plugged in or changed. Because our film feeds stay with our modular shrink wrappers, ARPAC's Quick-Connect infeeds are more compact and cost-effective than others in the marketplace.
Tray Shrink Wrappers

Tray Shrink Wrappers


ARPAC's manufactures a dependable line of intermittent and continuous motion bundling systems designed to interact with today's high volume production lines. ARPAC tray wrappers range from the economical 25 bundles per minute to the high speed 75 trays per minute with either open end or full closures. These systems are designed to handle a wide range of trayed products: boxes, cans, bottles, single-tier or stacked.