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Item # RTAC-4S5, Single Post Automatic Rotary Tower Wrapping System

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The RTAC-SERIES is part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization. All ARPACSTRETCHTM equipment is constructed with heavy-duty reinforced structural steel and finished with non-corrosive Steel-It paint, to guarantee years of reliable wrapping. The RTAC-SERIES is manufactured in the USA and serviced by our nationwide distributor network.

The RTAC-SERIES heavy-duty conveyorized automatic rotary tower wrapping system offers superior performance around-the-clock.

Ideal for high speed conveyorized production lines, the RTAC-SERIES features a unique arm tower rotation drive system for increased safety and support of the tower and carriage at high speeds. The RTAC-SERIES indexes, automatically wraps, and discharges loads without operator assistance.

The standard wipe mechanism relies on static to attach film tails to the pallet load. The patented optional TIE-GR® Film Tail Handling System eliminates film tails by clamping, cutting and tying the tail to the pallet.

The RTAC-SERIES can be manufactured with several performance enhancements. The TOP PLATEN device is used to hold down unstable pallet loads during the wrapping sequence, and a Top Sheet Dispenser covers the top of the pallet with film.

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  • Heavy-duty reinforced structural steel construction for around-the-clock operation
  • Steel-It paint provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
  • Allen-Bradley® Micrologix PLC
  • User-friendly operator controls with dual LED wrap counters
  • Built in self-diagnostics
  • 3 wrap patterns with bypass mode
  • Positive home position alignment
  • Top over-wrap control
  • Adjustable top and bottom wrap counters (0-9)
  • Electronic film tension adjustment control
  • Photo electric load height sensor that detects most dark colored loads
  • Photo electric controls index, position and exit wrapped loads
  • Safety photoeye and brake system stops arm rotation in emergencies
  • Safety flashing light informs that machine is in cycle
  • Standard 6' high safety fencing and access door with interlock switch for safe entry into wrapping area
  • Automatic film clamp and cut with manual override control
  • Variable carriage speed (0-30 FPM)
  • EZ-LOAD FILM SAVR® Powered Pre-Stretch: up to 300% with minimum neck down
  • Film delivery system with 1/2 HP DC motor
  • Tilt carriage design allows film to grip pallet 2 1/2" from top of conveyor
  • Anti-static rollers
  • Corner compensation
  • Safety eyes on the fence and wrap zone prevent accidental tower collision with the pallet.
  • External fuses
  • UL approved components
  • Dust tight NEMA 12 enclosure


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·  Precision Steel Ring Rotary Arm Support Drive System

·  Gravity Exit Conveyors

·  EZ-LOAD FLM SAVR® with Roping Device

·  Optional TIE-GR® Film Tail Handling System & Roping Device