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Item # Electro-Wrap EW Series, Electro-Wrap Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

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The ARPACSTRETCHTM MODEL Electro-Wrap Rotary Tower pallet wrapper, is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation

Mode of Operation
The pallet load is positioned under the rotary arm of the ARPAC Electro-Wrap stretch wrapping machine. The film is automatically attached to the pallet load and starts the stretch wrapping cycle .The rotary arm moves around the stationary load while the EZ-LOAD® film pre-stretch module stretches the film from 150 to 300% (200% standard).

 Features   Options   Machine Specifications   Product Specifications   

  • Heavy-duty, welded steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
  • Environmentally friendly Powder Coated paint
  • Up to 15 RPM rotary arm can deliver 25-40 loads per hour
Machine Control Features
  • Cycle pause feature
  • Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)*
  • Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
  • Safety eye stops arm rotation in emergencies
  • Carriage pause control
  • Manual control for rotary arm
  • Positive home position alignment
Film Delivery System
  • EZ-Load® film pre-stretch dispenser for 20" film rolls
  • Anti-static film rollers with manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Film pre-stretch capability from 100% to 300% stretch factor (200% standard)
  • Dancer bar variable corner compensation
  • Photo electric load height sensing
  • Top film over wrap control feature (TOC)*
Documentation Included with this Machine
  • ARPAC provides one copy of their AWARD WINNING Operation & Maintenance Manual, including color illustrations, with each machine (A CD version may be substituted upon request).
  • Manuals are machine-specific and provide details about machine function, maintenance, purchased component documentation, safety and operating procedures (including illustrated examples).
  • A more detailed description of the Operation & Maintenance manual included with this machine is located in Appendix C.